atmosFIRi is a new concept in FTIR. The unit is designed as a general gas analyser that is simple to use, portable and a very low cost product that provides real-time online measurement suitable for plant systems.

Often, gas monitoring applications require high concentration and quick response, and low level detection limits are not necessary. atmosFIRi has achieved low cost through a simpler design suitable for these applications, from 10ppm up to 100%, but retaining the same repeatability and reliability of the other atmosFIR products. A single pass gas cell of pathlength of 15cm does not require reflective optics within the cell and so atmosFIRi is ideal for high concentration measurements of corrosive gases.

With Protea’s in-house application support able to assist remotely, chemometric models can be uploaded and atmosFIRi can be changed to measure hundreds of different processes. With long-lifetime VCSEL reference laser diode, non-mirrored cell and air cooled DTGS detector with 24-bit ADC, atmosFIRi is a step-change in value and service lifetime for FTIR gas analysis.

Specific Applications for atmosFIRi:

  • Scrubber control
  • Carbon Bed Optimisation
  • Syngas and Gasification
  • LEL and safety monitoring
  • Primary & secondary abatement studies
  • Heat Exchanger breakthrough
  • Sulphuric acid plant monitoring
  • Landfill gas